Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two Birds - Inspiration Monday

 I thought I would play along with Two Birds Inspiration Monday. All you have to do is put your spin on a celeb outfit. Below is my version, i'm in love with the pussy cat bow on this blouse. You can go to Two Birds blog and have a look at how everyone else has interpreted the outfit.

I'm also going to play along with Jade at The Life and Times of Jade Lee Wright who has started a 28 day blog challenge which I have decided to join. All you have to do is follow the list below.
Since I have already taken a photo of myself here is a description of my rather bland day.

The alarm buzzed at 7am and I hit the snooze button twice, it's hard to get up when you have a cat spooning you on one side and a Husband spooning you on the over side. I quickly had a shower, then I had my oats with honey and cinnamon with a green tea for Brekkie and made a healthy lunch. I rushed to put my head on. I had no time left to do my hair so I stuck it up in a pony tail. Which I do most days as I run out of time and patience with my unruly mop of hair. I kissed my boys goodbye and headed off to work.
I drove to work and traffic was rather poo and that's a nice way to describe it. I turned up at my branch and served a few customers, went on morning tea. Which consisted of a pear, banana, ginger and apple smoothie and a handful of nuts. When I came back from morning tea I was told I had to go to another branch as someone had gone home sick. So off I went in my car the traffic was lovely and I actually found a perfect car park which is normally unheard of at that time of day. I served a few more customers and then went on lunch consisting of  Chicken and salad. A really good salad I may add full of lots of healthy goodies. I went back to work, served a few more customers and then drove home. Where I immediately sat down and started this blog post. While my butter chicken is reheating in the microwave. Reading this back I realise the highlight of my day is eating and I cant really see anything wrong with that nom, nom, nom. I have to go the butter chicken is ready.
I hope your day was a little more exciting than mine, I am so not a writer so I hope my bland day hasn't bored you to tears xxxx


Imogen said...

That is such a beautiful blouse. I love anything with bows.

Shybiker said...

I find the description of your day entertaining. You display your perspective on various events and highlight them with significance. I like your phrase about kissing your boys.

And, omg, that pussy bow blouse! Adorable.

Kezzie said...

Ha ha, I love that it was dominated by food!! Pretty blouse and yay yay yay for joining in!! Scavenger hunt??? X

Jade Wright said...

bwahahaha the traffic was rather poo... I loved that!! Had me seriously giggling!

Thank you for joining along in my blog challenge! It was such a nice surprise to see!

Also loved your interpretation of the outfit, your top is gorgeous and FYI the pony tail looks stunning on you! You're lucky. Many people look bland with them.. it suits you and brings out all your stunning features xxx