Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 8: 5 Celebrity Men you are Excruciatingly Attracted to #26DayBloggingChallenge

 Orlando Bloom need I say more
 Ryan Renolds
 A bit of a strange one but I find Patrick Stewart very SEXY!!!!!
 I had to put a Aussie on my list and who can go past Chris Hemsorth his voice does it for me.
and last but not least Mike Rosenberg from Passenger not only does he look good but he sings brilliantly as well.
Do you agree with mine or who would you add to the list????


Shybiker said...

Good selection. No apology needed for Patrick Stewart -- his obvious intelligence and decency are attractive features.

Jade Wright said...

Chris Hemsworth and his brother were SO close to making my list too... BESOTTED <3


Shybiker said...

Hi (again)! I was looking for your e-mail address and can't find it on your blog. You're up next for the magical pink boxing gloves! I'll ship them to you in Australia. Please e-mail me a name and address where to send them. My e-mail is fhu@pipeline.com -- Thanks!

two birds said...

Great list! I need to think about who I would add. Who's that guy who played Superman and was on The Tudors? He's pretty cute!

Claire said...

lol, I don't know who most of these are, but they are all cute!
(btw I was referring to the scene where she has a wash and drys herself in the public toilet haha!!)

Louise said...

Yes! Chris Hemsworth is adorable. I also love tom welling.. those blue eyes get me every time xx

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Barbara said...

Yep thats about it :D