Friday, August 1, 2014

50 Things To Do This Weekend

We have no plans for this weekend and I am so excited for all the new found opportunities and adventures that lay ahead for us. I am especially liking the idea of a sleeping in. Below is a list of 50 things you can do this weekend some cost money but most are just good clean fun. Let me know if any tickle your fancy and feel free to add to the list by leaving me a comment.

Image from Tree of Life

♥ Read a book  ♥ Go for a walk  ♥ Watch a movie  ♥ Go and see some live music  ♥ Body Scrub and Bubble Bath  ♥ Visit a Friend  ♥ Go for a picnic  ♥ Try Meditation  ♥ Put some music on and dance around your lounge room  ♥ Go Shopping  ♥ Give yourself a facial  ♥ Sleep in  ♥ Try a new recipe  ♥ Watch a how to video on you tube and give it a go  ♥ Rearrange your furniture    ♥ Make a fort, out of blankets and sheets  ♥ Learn a foreign language ♥ Make some Christmas Cards  ♥ Have a nanna nap  ♥ Do your family tree  ♥ Do a jigsaw  ♥  Start a new workout routine  ♥ Start a journal  ♥ Plan your next holiday  ♥ Find a new blog that inspires you  ♥ Clean out your closet  ♥ Try writing a poem  ♥ Go on a bike ride  ♥ Learn a card trick   ♥ Visit a ice-cream parlour  ♥ Climb a tree  ♥ Make popcorn and watch your favourite trashy TV programmes  ♥ Look through your old photos   ♥ Work on a crossword puzzle  ♥ Have a cup of tea   ♥ Visit your local farmers markets   ♥ Sing your favourite song at the top of your lungs    ♥ Play charades  ♥ Make your own homemade pizza  ♥ Make a collage using leaf's, flowers and grass&nbsp ♥ Buy a adults colouring in book and give it a go  ♥ Pick flowers and press them  ♥ Write someone a letter  ♥ Call a friend  ♥ Play hide and seek  ♥ Go camping, even in your lounge room if it's cold  ♥ Go to your local library  ♥ Fly a kite  ♥ Jump rope for 5 minutes  ♥ Write a short story about a imaginary animal  ♥ Build a robot costume using old boxes.

Most Importantly Enjoy Your Self XXXX

Image from Tree of Life


two birds said...

I love would even make a cute framed printable! I will definitely try some of these this weekend! Enjoy yours!

Jay said...

We have an unexpectedly free day, I'm fancying a long walk on the beach then maybe a bbq tea. I'll definitely be having a cup of tea, hopefully in a beachside cafe

Claire said...

Thank you so much for my Bday card :) So excited when I saw it was from you :)xx