Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brisbane Festival

Hello Strangers, it's been way to long and I have missed you guys terribly. I have been working extra shifts at work and have been so tired that I just havent had the energy to blog. Last week we went to Brisbane festival and saw the amazing light show it was so pretty. I loved the music they had for it this year. I was bopping along while watching it. I much prefer the light show to fireworks as fireworks freak me out as they are so loud. I hope you are all keeping well and I will be over to your blogs shortly.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keeping In The Lines

What have I been doing all weekend? Colouring in!!! I purchased this book ages ago and forgot all about it. At the moment we are trying to save money as Hubby got made redundant. This book has provided me with hours of entertainment this weekend. I actually found it quite relaxing as well, I think I have found a new stress relief. Hope you all had a lovely weekend XXX

Monday, September 10, 2012

Can't Seem To Get Off The Grass

Here is some more outfits from Dangerfields Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book. My absolute favourite is the last one with the red lobster print. Which one is your favourite?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Op Shopping Delights

My two favourite op shops are closing down. One has closed already and the other is having a huge sale. I am all for a good sale but I really don't want them to close down. These shops have been my favourite places to go on a Saturday morning for the last three years so I am a little sad.

So I purchased another globe I think I may start collecting them. I also got the Spice Girls, Spiceworld Cd. How good is this CD I forgot how much I loved these girls and how catchy and fun their music is. Spice Girls CD was 50c and the globe was $1

Next is two clutches. I love this red one so much and have used it twice already this week. The black clutch is very similar to one I already have but my old one is a big sticky mess from alcohol spillage on it. I got both of these bags for a $1.

and lastly these 2 teacups were only $1 so I couldn't say no.

I may go back this weekend as it's the final weekend before closing. Hopefully I can get some other little bargains.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And The Winner Is

and the winner is "Vintage Bird Girl" Congrats I will send you a email soon to get your postal details.
Thanks to everyone who entered.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Newstead House

Today we took at trip to Newstead House which is one of the oldest surviving residence dating back to 1846. It has beautiful gardens and is surrounded by park lands down to the Brisbane River.

Our Plan for today was to take a tour of the house because it was one of my favourite school excursions and I have never been back. I think I enjoyed it as a kid because they were talking about ghost sightings and even from a young age that kind of stuff has interested me.

Anyway on arrival at the house we noted the opening times did not start till 2pm. So needless to say I only have photos of the outside of the house and unfortunately there were no ghost sightings.

Look at my white legs in that first photo, they have been covered up for far to long. I am not someone who is obsessed with a tan but I am quite literally glowing at the moment. Hope you all had a lovely weekend XXX