Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Morning Walks

I thought you might want to join me on my morning walk, there is lots to see.  I walk a couple of blocks and come across beautiful Lorikeet's in a feeding frenzy around these trees. They are truly beautiful and I am very lucky to see them. I have to admit if I lived in the houses next to these trees I may not have such a big love affair with them. The screeching and general ruckus coming from them is massive.

 I continue down the main road till I come across a bridge where I cross and see this  view. We haven't had that much rain this winter so the water is very low.

 I continue along a bike path which leads to this beautiful park of which my house backs onto. It is such a peaceful place, occasionally we have bands filming song clips in it, unfortunately no big named bands.
 I watch out for the cobwebs in the park, they are every where. Spiders are very busy at night time. I then cross one move bridge and then I am home. At this point there is 3 Pokemon to catch, I stay a while till I have caught them all. Then I head home for Breakfast.
I hope you enjoyed my morning walk, I am very lucky girl to have so much beauty around me and sometimes I have to stop what I am doing and breath it all in. I hope you have had a great week so far, enjoy your weekend.


Natasha Hill said...

Your morning walk is gorgeous, I love the scenery you pass and the birds are just stunning! Their colours are lovely. I also love those tree lined streets. Lovely photos! - Tasha

HazelxJoy said...

I like a walk in the morning, the earlier the better - although it doesn't happen very often!! You live in a beautiful area, those birds are amazing, I can't imagine seeing such colourful birds locally.