Thursday, August 4, 2016

July Book review

I have a massive pile of books I need to read and then I see a new book series that I must have and those books are put on the back burner. So I have told myself I have to read two books from that pile each month or I am not allowed to buy any new books. I love bargaining with myself, does anyone else do that?

The first book from my pile of books to be read was, The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn. The main character is Kismet who is a shrink, one of her clients comes into her office explaining that she wants to be turned into a vampire. Kismet thinks she is delusional and has lost her way and really wants to help her and others that are feeling this way and decides to call herself, The Vampire Shrink. Little does Kismet know the huge underworld of Vampires that lives around her and the mystery of dead bodies turning up in her local area. Kismet ends up being caught in the middle of everything and it takes her a while to realise that Vampires actually exist. This is very different to any other vampire book I have read it would make Twilight readers blush. A great light read I would give it 7/10.

 The Infinite Sea the second book in the series, The 5th Wave was brilliant. It goes into a lot of details of all the characters that escaped at the end of the last book. I am really glad it did as Cassie has started to annoy me for some reason and if it just continued with Cassie, I would not have been as interested in the book. All I can say is Ringer is my all-time favourite character in the book and I think she handles herself so well. I don't want to say to much more as I don't want too give anything away. I give this book 8/10. I was supposed to finsh the 3rd book this month and then along came Harry Potter and spoilt everything as I read, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child instead.
 I had to take my Hubby to see the BFG, I had never read the book before so it had to be done. I loved every minute of it, Roald Dahl is a brilliant author. All I have ever read was James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I really just want to sit back and read all of his work. This book is about young Sophie who lives in and orphanage and sees the BFG doing strange things at night. The BFG spots Sophie and runs away with her to Giant Country. Sophie at first is very frightened of the BFG, then learns that his job is to collect dreams and give them to young girls and boys. In giant county there are really bad giants that eat humans. It is up to Sophie and the BFG to save the world. Have you seen the movie? I thought it was adorable. I totally loved the scene with the queen farting it had me in stitches. I give this book 8/10
 The second book from the pile of books to be read was Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. Delia has had a lovely life growing up with her Dad, until one day the Police come to her door and arrest her Dad for kidnapping. Delia think there has to be a mistake until she realises that the person who was kidnapped was her. This was such an interesting read with Delia trying to work out her past and deal with her beloved Dad being locked up in jail. I give this book 8/10
What have you been reading this month, any recommendations for me? Enjoy August, I can't wait for it to start warming up here. It seems to be getting colder and colder, not that where I live is that cold.


Julie said...

We saw the 5th Wave on DVD recently and loved it. I think they've decided not to make any more in the series though which is a shame so will have to look out for this one. I have a few Jodi Picoult on my shelf (in fact I just dashed upstairs to see if this was one of them - no) and always find her a consistently good read - will look out for this too. x

Kezzie said...

Nooooooo..... not Jodi Picoult- I totally avoid her!
BUT the second one sounds fab!!! And you're in good time with the BFG as it's Roald Dahl's centenary in September!

Natasha Hill said...

Oh I love The BFG, it's one of my childhood favourites! And I must get the 5th Wave books as I saw the film the other day and was hooked straight in, but I imagine the books are even better so I must get those asap! I just finished reading the second book in the Waterfire Saga by Jennifer Donnelly. If you're into mermaids and adventure stories, and like YA, it's definitely worth checking out! - Tasha