Saturday, August 27, 2016


 For my Birthday Hubby took me to the Kooroomba Lavender Farm for lunch. Attached to the lavender farm is a winery. Where we got to do some wine testing  and then picked the wine we wanted with our lunch. The lunch and the wine were delicious. Sorry there are no photos, I was to busy devouring my meals.
 After lunch we went for a wander through the lavender and the grape vines. It is such a beautiful part of the world, the sun was shining and the air was so fresh. You would never have thought that it was winter.
 We pulled out a picnic blanket and lay in the sun finishing our bottle of wine. It was so relaxing and peaceful that I could have stayed there all afternoon. Unfortunately though we had to pack up as we had a long drive back home. Before we left I snuck in the gift shop and bought some lavender bath oil, lavender bath salts and another cheeky bottle of wine.
 On the way home we stopped off at an information centre because it had a lure on it and we wanted to catch Pokemon. So we sat on the swings at the info centre and collected pokeballs and Pokemon for half and hour. Yes this is how we roll. Is anyone else playing it? it is so addictive.
When we got home I decided I wanted a bath. This adventure should end with me lying in the lavender bath drinking a bottle of wine. Instead my bath did not get warm and we realized we need a new hot water system. So we called a plumber friend who said he would fix it on Monday for us. So cold showers for the rest of the weekend YAY!!!!!!


Shybiker said...

What a lovely adventure! We have wineries here that people visit for the same kind of fun. Nice photos -- it's good to see images of you enjoying life.

Natasha Hill said...

Ah, beautiful scenery here and those lavender fields are just gorgeous! Happy Belated Birthday wishes for you too - hope you had a wonderful day! - Tasha

Julie said...

Blimey, I wish our winters looked like that! Fields of lavender and a winery sound the perfect way to spend a special day. Happy belated birthday! x

Kezzie said...

Oh how lovely that lavender looks! Truly beautiful. A fitting to spend your birthday! Did you get my email by the way? You are still the Goddessluan aren;t you!?/x

Confuzzled Bev said...

Wow, what lovely scenery! Wine and lavender - perfect :-)

Sorry about the cold showers!

Stopping by via Kezzie's blog - I saw you in the comment list and couldn't resist clicking on a blog with "cupcakes" in the title!

HazelxJoy said...

It looks stunning and sounds lovely, but what a shame it ended in a cold bath! Hope it's fixed now.