Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Out of all of my Birthday presents, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was the one I was looking forward to the most. I lined up at the bookstore with my voucher and eagerly received my parcel. Upon opening the book I was bitterly disapointed because I didnt realise it was a script for the play. Maybe I have been living under a rock because I was expecting a book.

It didn't take me long to be sucked back into the wonderful world of Harry Potter. The book has been written 19 years after the last book. Harry is still with Ginny, he works at the Ministry of Magic and has three children, James, Albus and Lily. Albus is just about to go to Hogwarts for the first time and is very nervous about what house the sorting hat is going to give him. Albus gets sorted into Slytherin and that is where Albus gets a little bit lost. Albus and Harrys relationship starts to breakdown and his bestfriend at school is Malfoy's Son.

I dont want to spoil anymore for you. Lets just say all the old characters are in the book and are written perfectly. There are Time turners, Polyjuice Potion's, Voldemort, unlikely relationships, characters who you think are to old to still be teachers and lots of  wonderful moments. I read the book in one sitting, stopping once for a cup of tea. If your a fan of Harry Potter you will love it! Let me know if you have read it and what you thought. Enjoy your weekend.


Kezzie said...

I was confused about it too! I can't wait!!!!x

Rick Watson said...

I'm actually reading the Harry Potter books
for the first time. I'm
Loving them.

Natasha Hill said...

Ah wow, I can't believe there's more HP to dive back into! I'm trying to stay well away from spoilery things about this but I am hearing lots of good things coming out of reviews so fingers crossed it's as awesome as it sounds! Thank you for the very kind words on my last post too - following your blog now! - Tasha

HazelxJoy said...

I'm intrigued to read it but wonder if I should read all the others first? I've seen the films but the books are always better!

Claire said...

ooo I didn't really know what the story was, I think the play is on in London at the moment!!