Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hi, I'm Luan.
I'm starting new and fresh with my blog. I did think about starting a new blog and unfortunately all the good blog names are taken. So I decided to stay with Green Tea and Cupcakes. I feel like I have changed over the years of having this little blog and that I am not being authentic to who I am anymore. So let me introduce or reintroduce myself to you, I am Luan.

♥  I am 41 years young
♥  I am happily married to Jeremy
♥  I have two pets Mindy Cat and Leonardo Fish Face
♥  Personality type is ISJF introvert, sensor, judger, feeler
♥  I am a Leo
♥  I work in insurance (boring)
♥  I am happiest when I am at the beach
♥  I love photography
♥  I love bush walks especially mountain climbs
♥  I love tarot cards, crystals and moon magic
♥  My biggest project is giving back in some way every week
♥  I am learning to meditate which isn't easy for someone with ants in her pants.
♥  I am starting a massage course at the start of next month and I am so excited!!!

If I am not blogging I am probably journaling in my radical self love bible, reading a good book, flipping tarot cards, watching trashy reality TV, walking the cat, exercising and really just crushing on life.

I hope you enjoy the changes I am trying to make to my blog and that you visit often.



Claudia Moser said...

I will also visit :) glad you are back, missed you!

Kezzie said...

Yay! Nice to have you back!!! X

Claire said...

Well Hello there! Nice to Meet you :)

Shybiker said...

Such a nice post. I wasn't able to discern much about you personally from earlier posts so this one is very welcome. And that's a pretty dress!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

fresh and new is always great! happy to be here and see what's next.

Inside and Outside Blog

Louise said...

Ah I love this post! I need to do something similar :) I can't believe you're 41! You look so much younger (in a good way!) xx

Thrive on Novelty



HazelxJoy said...

Well now, you sound just swell. Pleased to meet you (again). Excellent cat names.

Jade Wright said...

I think Green Tea and Cupcakes is a lovely blog name anyway! Two of my favorite things :) hahaha
Knowing you've changed over the years that you've had your blog makes it even more worthwhile to keep it - and you can look back from the very beginning to now and smile!

It was lovely to read this post and gain a deeper understanding of you - since I follow your blog religiously :)


Down by the sea said...

Welcome back it;s nice to learn more about you too! Do you get comments walking your cat? Ours walk with us too for short distances but we would never get her on a lead! Sarah x