Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reading, Watching, Listening and Making

Reading Jane Eyre, I love reading the classics they always entertain.

Watching Pan Am and I am absolutely loving it especially the fashion and I am so happy to see Margot Robbie doing so well in the US.

Listening to Kimbra's Vows. This is my favourite CD for this year it is amazing!!!

Making Paper Bunting I got the paper templates from
Daily Suze so easy and so much fun. Each time Hubby goes in the spare room he says this belongs in a swimming carnival not a bedroom hehehe.

Hope everyone has had a good week, only 2 more sleeps to the weekend bring it on!!!!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*gasps* Where/how are you watching Pan Am?

Gawgus things... said...

Will have to try and download Kimbra Vows - love finding new music!
Emma xx

demie said...

interesting list !
and yes the classics are always the best : )

Claire said...

i should read the classics again, i was in one of those cheap book shops yesterday and they had them all, 3 for a fiver...tempting..

jos xx said...

i've been wanting to read so many books...i can't find the time to enjoy reading some amazing stories! recently i've been lending books from the library, but I've also bought some interesting books from the internet :)

jos xx

Talitha said...

Pan Am ay, never heard of it, but now I can get a new show to watch :)

And will also try out this music.

Thanks for the new stuff!

Talitha xx

Aliya said...

Is Pan Am already showing in Australia?!!

x Aliya

christie said...

Love the cute banners you made! I love tham and if I had it my way - my house would be covered in them x

Annebeth said...

ah kimbra is the girl from the Gotye song somebody that I used to know, no? Great voice, great song!

Louise said...

I LOVE pan am too! I'm addicted xx

Gracie said...

Pan Am looks awesome! I'm going to have to start watching it. I really enjoyed Jane Eyre.

I have to check out Kimbra's album. She sounds amazing.

Paper bunting is one of my favourite things to make :) I made a whole heap for my sis in law's baby shower.

Katyha said...

I really need to read Jane Eyre, I loved the latest movie although different from the previous one and a bit of a disappointing ending but I am sure the book must be a million times better. It will definitely be my number 1 on my to read list over the holidays ;)

Helen said...

pan am starts on wednesday here, I'm really looking forward to it!