Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Facial Exercises

30 Days of Health and Well Being is a month-long series of seminars, activities and events in June, which promote health awareness and physical activities around Australia. One of the articles is about Facial exercises to help tone your face. OMG my face was killing when doing some of these who knew you could have a unfit face. below are the examples they gave. Enjoy yourself and let me know how you go. Thought I would post a pic of me doing the first exercise. You can never say I am vain anything to make you girls have a giggle. Thank goodness there was no snot up my nose.

If exercise can firm up your body, it stands to reason that it can also firm up your face. Try this workout to delay signs of ageing.

Facial exercises need not take long, just 10 minutes daily will show results, improving circulation and skin tone.

Use a small amount of a good moisturiser or a cold-pressed oil (eg almond oil) to lubricate the skin. Wherever possible, do your exercises in a warm room or in the bath where the steam helps to relax facial muscles.

*Lift your eyebrows and open your eyes wide. Open your mouth wide and say 'aaahhh', while sticking your tongue out. Hold for 15 seconds.

*Think of your face as a clock: Starting with your chin, make the muscles of your face 'sweep' in a clockwise direction all the way from '6 o'clock' back to '6 o'clock'. Reverse the direction, and do the same thing counter-clockwise.

*To strengthen the mouth muscles, make an 'o' with your lips and then attempt to pull them together like a drawstring bag without actually letting them close. Reverse the action by trying to open your lips, but keeping them held tightly. Relax and repeat.

*Tilt your head backwards while lifting your chin up to the ceiling. Hold this position while making chewing motions with the mouth.

*Slowly and gently roll your head around on your neck, as if trying to touch your shoulders with your ears. Do two rolls in each direction.

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Louise said...

LOL you look hilarious in this pic!!! you are so funny. The facial expressions look painful but then again beauty is pain :) xx

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