Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Swap

Hi Girls I have been thinking of doing a book swap for a while. I am a big reader and never read the same book twice and I am hoping that you are the same. If you have lots of books at home that you will probably never read again this swap is for you. Please email me at goddess_luan@hotmail.com In the email please tell me what sort of books you like to read so I can try and match you with someone you would be compatible with. So if you hate Sci Fi but love Romance etc just let me know. Also leave your postal address so I can pass this on to your book partner.
The swap:
* Each participant will be given the address to send their book to and you may receive a address overseas so heads up it may cost. So basically you send a book and hopefully if all goes to plan you should receive a book.

* If we do end up with a odd number I will post 2 books out so nobosy misses out.

* This swap is international and anyone can participate, regardless of location.

* Sign ups for the swap will close on Saturday the 25th of June, I will email you the details of your partners soon afterwards and then you will have two weeks to put together and send off your books by the 9th ofJuly

* If I've left anything out or if you have any questions feel free to send me an email


Gawgus things... said...

Oooh, this is a great idea, but I'm afraid I'm a bit of a hoarder of my books - I can never give them away! xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm in, I have a couple double :-) I'll drop an email!

Bianca J said...

So sad I missed this one - such a great idea! I culled a lot of my books when I moved three states down last year, I wish I could have passed them on! Are you familiar with bookcrossing.com?