Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stripes and Bows Giveaway

I have now reached double figures in my followers Woo Hoo! So I thought I would do my first give away to celebrate. It is a gorgeous black and white striped bag with a massive big bow on the front.

To enter you must
1/ Be a follower of my blog and

2/ Leave a comment on this post about why you love blogging.

This is open to both Australian and international readers, and I'll draw a winner using random.org on November 31. Good Luck!!!!!


Angela said...

Wohoo! Double figures! I wish I would get more followers :(
I love blogging because I'm a natural 'over-sharer' lol.
Ang xxx

Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

Oooh cute bag

I love blogging because its the ultimate procrastination tool!

Stel said...

Hi!! Just discovered your blog. I'm now following :)

I like blogging because it allows me to connect with a wide variety of different people.

eelectroCutee said...

Hi.. thx for your super sweet comment on my blog.. :)

Enter me please!!
I love blogging because I can get many inspirations from other bloggers either in fashion or in daily life. Blogging also helps me to know other people on the world and their culture..

PS: I'm following you.. :)

pip a la chic said...

Awesome bag!!

I love blogging because I like sharing my thoughts with complete strangers and because I've made so many lovely blog friends as well.


christie said...

Hey - what a cute bag!!

Blogging is just fantabulous because it allows me to share my life with the world and I get to learn about people for absolutley everywhere! xx

Mademoizelle Eloïse said...

really nice!!