Monday, November 15, 2010

Hair Hair Hair

I am in desperate need of a haircut and can not decide if I should just get a trim and grow my hair or do something a little more dramatic. So I have been searching for inspiration on the net and have some pics of Posh's Pob I prefer her as a brunette. What do you think? I also have some pics of Ruby Rose with her different coloured hair and her with the new hair extensions. I'm not sure which one I prefer on Ruby, do you have a preference?



Angela said...

Oh I love Ruby's new look hair. It has made her so much softer. She is so gorgeous.
Ang xxx

pip a la chic said...

Ruby's lucky she can pulloff both long and short. I look horrible with long hair. Short all the way.

Thrive on Novelty said...

Love ruby will short blonde hair best! She is gorgeous with any style though xx

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christie said...

OMG I am having the same dilema. LOL.

I like Rubys hair that is a bit longer - looks romantic & fun! And totally agree with you that the pob looks better brunette!

Can't wait to see what you decide to do with your hair!

Anonymous said...

I'm a strict long hair girl, haha I had a bob for the first 4 years of my life and that's all i can take! I like the Ruby's new hair


jamie-lee said...

I love Ruby's hair with the extensions - looks so chic!

MargieF said...

im definitely a long hair girl. i cant stand it when women cut it all off and look like boys. its not a 'pixie' cut. its a boy cut.

Paola said...

answer: yes I love it too;)

Rosie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog :)
i love short haircuts (like Emma Watson's!) but they only suit certain people! wish i could have a short haircut :(

Rosie x

Emma Jade said...

I love the style in the third picture!

Bego said...

you should go with the third pic or whatever feels comfortable to you :) i already cut my hair way shorter, bob style.
thanks for the lovely comment.
i'm a new follower! i would love it if you follow me back so we can keep in touch in these fashion blogging world <3333