Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Catch Up's

I had my work Christmas Party last weekend it was also a farewell party for one of my friends who is retiring. What I love about my workplace is that I have friends from all different ages who I love and adore like family. This is my girlfriend Heather who is retiring I have no idea what were talking about but Heather does not look impressed.
 I love that she dressed up as an Elf for the night and had a lot of fun!
 Santa even came and gave us presents.
 I got beautiful scented candles.
 These are the girls that I work with in my branch
 and this is all of us!
I have to say for a Christmas Party it was pretty mellow, nobody got to drunk. So there was no gossip on Monday Morning. There was a lot of dancing and some Karaoke, just a lot of good clean fun. This will probably be my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that Santa spoils you rotten XXX


Kezzie said...

It sounds great fun! x

Claire said...

Love the elf out fit haha, looks like fun, we had our xmas 'do' in the summer. One girl got so drunk on the coach on the way there she promptly threw up at the door of the hotel and they wouldn't let her in haha! luckily she's not really a friend of mine so I didn't feel the need to babysit her till her boyfriend came and picked her up. The funny thing was there was a whole 'investigation' into it, HR came and interviewed a whole bunch of us and asked was she drunk what was she drinking etc etc. Like anyone is going to shove her under the bus. So she got drunk, big deal, no one died, and they are PAYING you plus expenses to come here and get us to hang her!!!??? Like THATS going to happen! Some people don't have enough work to do!!!

Shybiker said...

How fun! You look great.

Louise said...

I'm so jealous that you work with such fun and lovely people. My work is stuffy and everyone is so NOT like family haha. Looks likes you had a great time! xx

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Imogen said...

This looks and sounds wonderful. I can relate- I feel the same about the people I work with too. I had the best work Christmas party about a week and a half ago now. Also wanted to say thank you so much for the watch, it is so adorable and I love it. I received it on Thursday. I'm sure it will make an appearance on my blog sometime!

Jade Wright said...

Ah looks like you work with a lovely group of people - but it isn't a Christmas party without somebody getting drunk :P Joke.
Right now I am so hungover that I think I may start digging my own grave. We had a little Xmas shindig last night ... shudder.
My liver has abandoned ship.

Hope you have a very beautiful Christmas stunning lady xxxx