Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's All About Me!

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Following: The Pineneedle Collective
the sweetest blog with the best DIY's

Thinking About: Bali in 2 months. I love having things to look forward to.

Listening To: Lanie Lane

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Obsessed With: Opaque tights for winter

Reading: The Kite Runner

Doing: Im on hols and it's all about me so I'm going to be baking, shopping, reading and relaxing.

Excited About:
Easter being so close and time off work.


Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

Oooh lucky you to be going to Bali, I love it there :-) I'm guessing you have been many times before? If not, I can recommend great places to visit!

Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

How exciting to be going to Bali! :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday :)

Love, Vanilla

Claudia Moser said...

Love the Bali idea!

Gawgus things... said...

Great things to be looking forawrd to - Bali! Lucky girl :) xx

Porcelain complexion said...

Cute post :)
Bali sounds amazing!!

delia hornbook said...

i love that cat with blue hat on that is so cute. Bali sounds wonderful. Enjoy all your free time, dee x

Barby said...

You are going to Bali! Ooo lucky you! :D Can't wait to see the pictures.

Aliya said...

Ooo Bali!! How exciting!!

x Aliya

daisychain said...

thank you for reminding me about swap-bot!

ShyScout said...

Enjoy your time off! I love the pineneedle collective too :] And Bali is going to be incredible! Super jealous.

Kezzie said...

Selamat Malam? Apa kabar? (just to prepare you for Bali!)
I'm envious, I haven't been to Bali for 5.5 years now! Send my love!

Zoe said...

Those cat ornaments are so cute! Have fun in Bali, I would love to go!x

then she'll carelessly cut you said...

You're going to Bali?!

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

Bali??? So lucky!!! :)

Mabel Time

Imogen said...

Hope your having fun while on holidays. Good luck with your savings for Bali.