Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Movie Reviews

New Years Eve 7.5/10
I heard this movie wasn't very good so I didn't expect much. But when a movie makes me laugh and cry, I'm pretty satisfied with it. There are a lot of plots to follow as is expected with that many big names in the movie but I found it easy to follow. I loved the reoccurring New Year, new dreams look to the future forget the past motto of the movie.

Arrietty 7.5/10
Arrietty is about tiny people living under a house. It is adapted from Mary Norton's children book "The Borrowers". The movie has beautiful animation and is set in magical gardens. This movie takes you back to your childhood and I love those type of movies.

Melancholia 7/10
The movie is about 2 sisters staying in a chalet as a new planet threatens to hit earth. It's a deep movie on so many levels. Kirsten Dunst is amazing in it. What I liked is it's not your typical Hollywood end of the world type of movie.

Puss in Boots 6/10
This is the story of how Puss got his boots. It is a tale of his adventures with Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Soft paws. There is some adult humour in it which goes straight over the kids heads. No where near as good as Shrek.


Jelisaveta Djukanovic said...

Beautiful! :)

Gawgus things... said...

I can't believe I haven't seen any of these movies! New Year is definitely on my to-see list though..

Emma xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I haven't seen any of these! Too busy watching tv series's. xx

Leslie Quiros said...

haven'tt seen any of these but I'd loike to see NYE and puss in the boots :)\

Kirsten said...

I really want to see New Year's Eve and Melancholia! Not so much the other two 'cause I don't really like animated movies that much. Also I sent you an e-mail, but just wanted to say again THANK YOU for my card! Perfect ice-cream drawing :)

Arielle said...

I need to check out Melancholia! I'm a huge KD fan.

Claire said...

oh i just watched Melancholia yesterday...i hated it! sorry, i'm a KD fan which is why i got it, but i really really wasnt in the mood for that type of movie i found it so boring!
I do want to see New Years Eve thoughx

Megan said...

I have been considering watching New Years Eve but had heard alot of bad reviews as well. I might have to check it out now after what you said.

ShyScout said...

I really want to see Melancholia. I have only heard good things.

Jodie said...

some of those are on my to watch list..must get around to it.
especially looks beautiful!

Deidre said...

Aww, I'm sad to hear that Puss N boots wasn't nearly as good as Shrek. I've only had a review from my 4 year old nephew - and he quite enjoyed it :) those four year olds can't be trusted.

then she'll carelessly cut you said...

STILL need to watch New Year's Eve, and you've just reminded me :)

Rosie x