Monday, August 15, 2011

Reading, Watching, Listening and Making

I am reading the last book in The Hunger Games series The Mockingjay. I have loved this series and don't want it to end.

I have started watching Spirited series 1 it's about a Dentist (Claudia Karvan) who leaves her Husband and moves her family into a unit that is haunted. Only problem is she is the only one who can see the ghost. Who is a British Rock star played by (Matt King). I am loving it so far and I've only watched 4 episodes.

I have been listening to Fatty Gets A Stylist by Kate Miller Heidke and her Husband Keir Nuttall. It's a great sound and I love Kate's voice very different sound for her. I've linked one of the songs from this album, let me know what you think.

I'm trying to make Origami Doll's some have been successful some look bloody awful. I do think they are the sweetest thing ever though and will continue to try and make more.

Last but not least my Reality TV fix at the moment is the block. I love Josh and Jenna's house but I don't want them to win. I would prefer Rod and Tania to win or Polly and Waz as they are my favourite couples. But it's not about the couples its about the house unfortunately.Any Aussie's watching this who do you want to win?


Claire said...

Hunger Games! My niece was on the last book lats night and i kept gettting texts from her when anything happened haha! Never heard of Spirited but it looks good!

VintageSweetheart said...

I'm in love with The Block I'm sad it's going to be over soon. Josh and Jenna's is my favourite house too. I'm not sure who I really want to win. I'm thinking about buying the hunger games series from my mum for her birthday do you think older adults will like it?

E :)

Madison's Assortment said...

I need to read some new books, might try this series out :)
  Madison's Assortment

Elle Sees said...

such new picks for me to try out. thanks for sharing!

Talitha said...

I've heard about that book series, will need to hunt it down :)

I think Tanya & Rob will win, but I really like Polly & Waz

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love that its a show about a dentist! How many shows have women dentists?? honestly!? Its always super talented surgeons or pr mavens...but never a dentist. I'm intrigued.