Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40 things To do Before I am 40

I have seen this on other blogs and loved the idea. Hubby is calling it "My Bucket List". I'm calling it "My Pull My Finger Out And Live List". We spend far to many nights or weekends at home and I am ready for a change. It may be a couple of years before I am 40, but my Birthday is next week and I can't wait to start ticking things off.

40 Things to do Before I Am 40

1/ Go Whale Watching
2/ Visit Europe for at least 2 months
3/ Take a Salsa Class
4/ Renew my Wedding Vows
5/ Walk the Great Wall of China
6/ Find a Hobby
7/ Have a Tea Party with the Girls
8/ Harry Potter Exhibition Sydney
9/ Do a Pole Dancing Class
10/ Run Bridge to Brisbane
11/ Go Geoacaching
12/ Climb Mt Warning
13/ Try Tap Dancing
14/ Read Pride and Prejudice
15/ Spend a Day at a Day spa
16/ Go to a Yoga Retreat
17/ Go to a Clairvoyant
18/ Go in a Photography Comp
19/ Surf Lesson
20/ Do a Pinup Girl Shoot
21/ Ride my Bike from home to Brisbane City
22/ Go to a High Tea
23/ Learn how to use Photo shop
24/ Visit Tasmania
25/ Fix front and back gardens
26/ Have a Swap Party
27/ Ride the Ferris Wheel South Bank
28/ Hot Air Ballooning
29/ Go to Q1 Gold Coast
30/ Go camping
31/ Hire a Boat and go fishing
32/ Pimp my Blog
33/ Turn Spare bedroom into my craft room
33/ Go Ice Skating
34/ Go Horse Riding
35/ Girraween National Park
36/ Weekend at Montville
37/ Drive Inn movies
38/ Photo with Elmo at Seaworld
39/ Hire a Jet ski
40/ Never Grow Up!!!!!


Talitha said...

This is great! Start getting into it and ticking things off your list :)

Talitha xx

29 Skirts said...

Awesome list! I want to do so many of the same things!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Great list!! But really, pimp your blog is on there? Shouldn't 'sewing' be on your list somewhere? Ha!

There are so many things on there I'd like to do too. What is a swap party????!!

Gawgus things... said...

Definitely agree with the last one! XX

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

Nice list! I love that there are some simple things and really hard things. I had fun checking off some of the items I've done.

Gracie said...

I love seeing these lists. I might have to do a 30 before 30 one. And I love that you have listed the Harry Potter exhibition :)

ronan said...

sounds like a great list! i tap danced for 13 years :P it's a great hobby :) xxx


Tanya said...

I love reading people's Life Lists - it's so interesting to see how different everyone is!

Great list and this reminds me to get working on mine!

Louise said...

I loooove your list, especially the last one! You'll have to take pictures as proof :) xx

then she'll carelessly cut you said...

This is so cool! Least now it's official so you can start ticking things off :)

Rosie x