Saturday, June 29, 2013

Winter Light Carnival

A friend of ours works for the Childhood Cancer Support Team and she asked if any of us would like to volunteer for the annual Racecourse Road Winter Light Carnival. I thought that I would just be manning their stand, so I was so excited when she explained that we would be part of the parade. All I can say is that I felt like I was famous the amount of photos that were taken and people that were saying turn around fish, oh isn't the fish beautiful hehehe. I had a absolute blast even though the fish named Oprah was really heavy, I would love to help out again next year.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

May In A Nutshell

May has been such a fun month I had a weekend away with the girls from work. We got our faces painted at the markets and had a total blast.
My friend has purchased a puppy Grid he is the cutest dog ever. I think that I am in love, he is still in the cute cuddly stage where he just falls asleep on your lap.
I have started to do fun runs every other weekend. I am so proud of myself as my time just keeps getting better and better.

Reading: City of Bone Series
Watching: Catching up on Revenge (how good is season 2)
Doing:  Organising my Birthday party and catching up on letters for pen pals.
Using: My Slow Cooker now that I have got over the initial fear of burning the house down I cant stop using it.
Making: Plans for the future
Listening: Mumford and Sons
In June: I want to look after myself so I don't get any winter colds.