Monday, September 12, 2016

My First Lego

My Husband is a massive fan of Star Wars Lego, he has so much of it that it's ridiculous. It actually does my head in, as it it all through out our house. Im going for a mature look in the house and have  given up due to all his toys in every room. Needless to say I am not a fan of Lego, so what does he get me as a joke for my Birthday LEGO. I love VW's so he thought this would be a epic present for me. To start with I thought what an expensive joke present this is.
He told me I had to build it all by myself and he would watch on just to make sure I  didnt stuff up. To begin with I was bored and then when I started to see it resemble a VW, I kind of got into it. OK so I kind of LOVED it! He has converted me that much that I requsted the red Kombi for Christmas.
What do you think of Bertie, I love her. Built her with my own hands I did. I think I will always remember my first Lego and she will have a special place in my heart. When we got broken into I was so glad she didn't get stolen. I know it's quite sad, isnt it.

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HazelxJoy said...

She's lovely! I have very fond memories of playing with lego growing up with my brother, and more recently playing with it with my nephews. It'll be around forever I think.