Sunday, March 30, 2014

March In A Nutshell

1. New Red Shoes
2. Mr Evil Sunflower
3. Finish Line At The Women's Day Fun Run
4. My New Lighter Colored Hair
5. New Book, How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You
6. My New Coloring In Book
7. Mr Happy Sunflower
8. Wine O'clock
9. A Lizard Trying To Get In Our House

READING:  The Book Thief and Hose Rules by Jodi Picoult

WATCHING: Survivor, Amazing Race and the Block

MAKING:  Happiness Packs, you will see what they are soon

WISHING: For Easter, 5 days at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots

LISTENING:  One Republic and Claire Brown and the Bangin

HOPING:  To win the lotto



Thursday, March 27, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy!!!!!

Things that make me happy

*  Finding out my Dad doesn't have bone cancer and has only fractured his rib. Long story for this which I wont bore you with, all that matters is the happy ending of no cancer.

*  Coming home from work and seeing my Hubby walking the cat.

*  Cooler weather making it easier for me to fall asleep

*  Being told that I have a lovely smile by a customer and it wasn't in a sleazy way.

*  Starting my Radical Self Love Bible

*  Getting back into photography 

*  The blog Magical Daydream the most beautiful and inspiring blog, that always makes me smile.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunflower Fields For Ever

After four attempt we finally made it to the sunflower fields. The first attempt we blew a head gasket on our car, second attempt there weren't any, third attempt and they were all droopy and had seen better days and then fourth attempt we saw the magic of the sunflower fields.

I really wanted a photo in front of the fields but the grass was so long that I was a little scared to walk out to them. It was also snake season and this little girl is petrified of snakes.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower they are so bright and fun and always put a smile on my face. It was beautiful driving around a corner and seeing the amazing pop of yellow appearing in front of you.
 I hope these sunflowers have brightened your day and that you have had a lovely weekend. You can  still vote on my previous post Robot Wars voting is not closing until the end of the month xxxx

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Robot Wars

Just a normal Saturday night at our place, no just kidding. Jeremy bought a new computer and left the boxes in our lounge room for far to long, for my liking. So I decided we had to make robots out of them.
We then posted our photos on my Facebook and got our friends to vote on whose costume was the best. We ended up with exactly the same votes, which surprised me because I think Jeremy's robot legs look amazing.
So I have decided to have a vote on my blog, to settle it once and for all. So if you like Jeremy's the most just type Jeremy in the comment and if you like mine the most just type Lu in the comments. Don't worry I won't be offended if you vote for Jeremy xxxx

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello Sunshine xxx

Hello my lovelies xxx

I'm back again. It's strange how much I have missed blogging since I have been gone. I have to admit to coming back and having sneaky reads of your blogs. So I know exactly what you have all been doing. I just felt a bit weird about leaving comments, so sorry about that.
These shots are from a recent bike ride in our local park. My bike's name is Buttercup and she is a joy to ride. I love that people always look at her and smile. I like the fact that my bike brings joy to people.
I am trying really hard at the moment to have cheap fun. Meaning going out and doing things that don't cost any money. I'm finding it easier than I thought I would and doing some of the strangest things for entertainment.
I hope all is well in your world and I will be over to your blogs soon and I promise to leave a comment this time xxx